A constructed narrative that is a study of time merged with emotion and memory. It is a rediscovery of things familiar and intimate that have been left behind but not forgotten.

A portfolio of photographs made through film and digital capture covering a visual library of nature, landscape, travel, people and abstract subjects.

Regardless of the length of visit, Paris offers an enticing palette of history, art, music, architecture, cuisine and an indelible ambience that insists on once again being experienced.

A personal selection of landscape and nature photographs taken on and around Denman Island

A sampler of street art photographed in Paris, Rome, Venice, Florence, Corfu, London and on Vancouver Island.           softcover

Set amidst a wilderness of forests, mountains, sea and forces of nature, Sointula on Malcolm Island radiates a sense of being on Canada’s true west coast.          softcover

HIGH CONTRAST spontaneous and directed human form poses of male and female models photographed in a studio.              softcover

front-cover-revised-copy Enhanced panoramas real and imagined from here and there.     Softcover

portals-cover-copyThey had all met on-line playing a game that, if successful, awarded each with an opportunity, a promise of a better future… of being somewhere else… of being something different… of being someone else.            softcover

flora front cover bookA bouquet of richly colorful wild and domestic blooms carefully gathered in celebration of flowers.  softcover

cover1* copy          An intimate  photo essay of the Greek ‘Garden’ island and its affable people.

Vibrantly colored redefined images that embrace impermanence and profile the effects of the passage of time on things natural and manufactured.    softcover

A visual investigation of the claims made by cultural dancers that they experienced temporary physical changes while performing within the context of tradition, music and movement.
Does Shapeshifting actually occur or is it simply an illusion?

A visitor’s view of a fabled landscape of water and historic architecture; of commerce past and present; of wealth and power won, lost and rediscovered. Of the compelling uniqueness of this ancient man-made island city with its threatened elegant beauty, decadent mercantile history and Byzantine character.

Much has been written, shown and sung about the politics and daily life of Cuba. This collection of images is offered by the tour group as a personal visual journal sharing what was seen and what was felt by all.


front cover #6 wp

Recent images from Havana, southwest and central Cuba.                Softcover