PAUL is a photographer/illustrator living on Denman Island in British Columbia, Canada. He began working as a photographer in 1978 specializing in assignments and stock images for magazines and book publishers.

In 1994 he was hired by North Island College in Courtenay, B.C. to teach photography in the college’s School of Fine Arts. Four years later he designed and established its Professional Photography Certificate Program. 

Over the years, Paul’s photographs have been displayed in salons in Australia, Canada, Taiwan, France, Malaysia, New Zealand and the United States plus several solo and group exhibitions in west coast galleries.

Lately he has been designing and self-publishing  travel and art photo books using the templates and on-line bookstore offered by Blurb publishing. An ardent traveller, these have given him the opportunity to incorporate photojournal experience with graphic art layout techniques while enjoying the sights and sounds, people and lifestyles of other countries and places.